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Unlike many fitness centers and training facilities who want to promote the "latest trends" or have everyone do the same "Workout of the Day" or "claim to be the best", Kettlebell Fitness CT coaches truely have the utmost passion in making people better and have true verified client testimonials to prove it! Nowadays you can go to any store or Fitness place and buy or "workout" with Kettlebells, but using them like free weights or with trainers lacking true Russian Kettlebell knowledge is ineffective and potentially dangerous! R egardless of your goals our certified and passionate staff guarantee everyone will experience our training commitments: "Movement before Strength, and Strength before Intensity", "Train to your utmost potential and enjoy the ride!" Please see our testimonials page and see what our clients have to say!
About Kettlebells:
"What are kettlebells?" Think of a cannonball with a handle made of steel or iron. They originated in Russia as part of military training as far back as the 1700’s.

It is a unique training style that incorporates the total body and develops core strength as well as an efficient cardio workout. Kettlebell training differs from traditional free weights by generating momentum, maintaining that momentum and stopping, all with control.
, Kettlebells will burn body fat , enhance muscular strength while increasing stamina and endurance . Proper Kettlebell training will benefit men and women and will enhance strength and conditioning to increase performance for any sport. Kettlebell training is a very specific and intense style of training that should only be performed working with a certified professional!
Kettlebell Fitness offers small,personal group training classes, 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 training, all with attention to detail and form. Call us at 203-794-1035 or e-mail Andreas@kettlebellfitnessct.com for more information or surf our site to learn more about our trainers , fitness varities and Cast Iron Group Training.
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