Welcome to Kettlebell Fitness CT! 
Connecticut's Premier Fitness Solution for Weight Loss,Toning, Strength & Mobility 
Kettlebell Fitness CT & Training for Warriors: Is the #1 fitness center for Personal & Group training in Connecticut! The latest addition to our Fitness services is the TFW Training system!
We offer a comprehensive approach to Weight Loss,Muscle toning & Fitness, while focusing on Proper Movement & Nutrition for everyday people!
A gateway to true lifestyle changes—our certified trainers will work with you to develop a personalized routine thats right for you. With emphasis on motivation, nutrition and fun, effective training. We're serious about what we can do for you.
Our Fitness Coaches will train you to be at your personal best. We will unleash the athlete within no matter what fitness level you are now!
If you are looking to look and feel better than you ever have before let us get you to your fitness goals using our cutting edge training tools and techniques. We Promise results!

Nutrition Counseling Available with KBF's registered & licensed Nutritionist and Dietician "Denise Turnbull"!

KettlebellFitnessCT & TFW personal & group training, Nutrition=A the best Health,Wellness,Weight loss & Muscle Toning Combination in Connecticut!!! 

See our article in the Danbury NewsTimes!

Kettlebell Fitness CT now offers Training For Warriors as Mentioned in:

Join the "Resistance" to get in the best shape of your life!!!! Bring out the Warrior Within!!! Unlike overcrowded Bootcamps and Big Box Gyms that don't know you, KettlebellFitnessCT & TFWConnecticut focus on individual attention to all our group clients. By offering more than 26 unlimited group training classes with a 10 person per class Cap, We make sure we guarantee our commitment of Safe effective fitness training through"Movement before Strength & Strength before Intensity" to all our clients!!!!!


KettlebellFitnessCT & TFWConnecticut=Premier Fitness combination!

The Most Effective & Safest Kettlebell Fitness programs in the industry!: for Men, Women kids & Athletes!
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